Thursday, 16 September 2010

3 2 1 back in the room

so here we are again. miss me? did you bollox. but thats fine. 15 months is a long time. id almost given this up as dead. i suppose i just got sidetracked. you know how it is, some things just get left until tomorrow. tomorrow becomes next week, next weeek becomes soon...... then its kinda too late. i have lost 'friends' like that. ive just left it so long that i feel i dont know them anymore..... and its not like they bothered either right? so fcuk em. so what have i been up to, did you ask? bit nosey arent you? what are you, a copper? well, i went to see lunchbox. that was cool. hes still lunchbox, and we did the stuff we always do. good that. when you dont have to try too hard. wears me out.
i recently binned off a friend. she was really startin to bug me. shes lazy (yes, i know, so am i) but i mean the bad kind. i doubt she can even find her hoover under all that dust and piles of junk she buys from car boot sales. why would anyone want to buy anyone elses junk. mind you ebay is ok. i bought a 256 gb memory stick off the bay last night. whats the betting it wont turn up? and she is inconsiderate. while we are watching a film, shell start playing those REALLY annoying flash games with the sound on. or fall asleep (she sits on her arse in an office for the love of cliff). the icing on the cake was when she texted her 'boyfriend' downstairs to "kick everyone out". for everyone, read your humble servant. how rude.
its not a case of the glass being half empty, or half full. its just i KNOW someone is either going to knock the glass over, which will be really annoying, cos ill have to refill it, and there will be a que at the bar, and ill end up stood next to some really dull student type, or an upthemselves hottie. or the bastard offspring of them both, and i will be reminded as to why i never go out. or. it will be someone elses round and there will be a whole bunch of pissing and moaning that its not thier turn blahblahfuckinblah.
so what have i learnt? well, to be honest, nothing. you cant teach an old dog new tricks (unless youre paul daniels.... debbie magee take a bow). g.p's still know nothing. the army still makes no sense. life is still disapointing..... at least tilda swinton has stopped stalking me. not that i minded that. shes cute.
lunchbox was ranting about the matrix today. i think i have it sussed. neo gets some strange ideas and acts on them. carnage ensues. moral: dont take drugs from a man you just met on the internet.
anyway. its teatime. and i need a bath. ill get back into this if it kills me.

as we say in llandow, ciao for now

p.s. if anyone can tell me what all those comments were about on one of my earlier posts, let me know......